If you are any of the below, we may need you

Data Scientists

If you are a cynic and love the ways of numbers – Give us a buzz. You'll be dealing with prediction model making for various pedagogy and human computer interaction challenges and real life NLP challenges. If you get kicks out of machine learning, then you can forget your coffee for we have enough challenges to get your adrenaline rushing!

Social media community leaders

If you love the internet and get excited about 140 character #challenges - then drop us a good old email! Twitter LinkedIn Facebook and beyond - connect with the world for a cause.

Game artists

Do you daydream about medieval battles between extremely detailed knights and dragons while believing that design is an important part of games and learning? You think you would love to design sprites, environments and various game assets? If you think you do, go ahead and paint us a pretty picture - Creativity and love for everything abstract is what we are looking for!

Game Developer

If you cried looking at the CRYSIS engine (though we don't expect you to design one for us) and are crazy about developing your own game with a story, ping us on our cool gaming rigs. Prior experience in a gaming engine is an added advantage. We work on Godot game engine and a Godot experience is Godsend for us!

Music Composer

Are you a fan of Hans Zimmer and always thought that you are the savior in these times of banal music? If so, then serenade under our balcony with your sweetest melodies. You would be working on a range of musical challenges from promotional jingles and music videos to ambient and cut-scene music in our games.

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